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RISC-V cores are beginning to show up in heterogeneous SoCs and packages, shifting from one-off standalone designs toward mainstream applications where they are used for everything from accelerators and extra processing cores to security applications.

Ventana Micro Systems Inc. has unveiled its Veyron family of high-performance data-center-class RISC-V CPUs. The company claims the first family member, the Veyron V1, is the highest performance RISC-V processor available today, running at 3.6-MHz in 5-nm process technology.

Started little more than a decade ago as an open-source experiment, the RISC-V community has continuously expanded both the ecosystem and the technology of the RISC-V processor. California-based Ventana Micro Systems has now catapulted it into the pinnacle of processor technology – the data centre class.

RISC-V Momentum at Data Center Scale

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