About our company

Ventana enables the rapid and efficient development of customized high performance processors

Customer driven innovation

Ventana is enabling customer innovation in the realm of high performance computing.

We do this by developing some of the world's highest performance CPUs, and providing the option to take them in chiplet form for rapid productization.

This is mixed in with the ability to customize the solution so customer workloads are accelerated far beyond what could be achieved with an off the shelf CPU.

Our designs are easily leveraged for use in custom platform solutions through the use of open standards such as the RISC-V architecture for our CPUs and UCIe/BoW die to die interconnects that work with our ecosystem of chiplet partners.

Leadership Team

Balaji Baktha

Founder, President, CEO and Chairman

Greg Favor

Co-Founder and CTO

Jeffrey Harrell


Travis Lanier

Vice President of Product and Marketing

Kumar Sankaran

Vice President of Software and Platform Engineering

Dale Greenley

Vice President Of Engineering

Narayanan Kaniyur

Vice President Of Soc Engineering

Marc Canel

Vice President Of Business Development

About us

Ventana was founded in 2018 by industry veterans with a proven track record of delivering data center class processors.
  • Core team developed world's first 64-bit high performance Arm processor that went into data centers at Veloce Technologies (later AMCC)
  • Highly experienced team with over twenty years average experience developing CPUs
  • Proven track record bringing processors market with variety of architectures including x86, Arm, MIPS, and SPARC
  • We hold many leadership positions within key technical committees in RISC-V International to lend our experience to ensure RISC-V readiness for high performance processing.
Founded in 2018

Founding team includes industry veterans with a proven track record of delivering data center class processors.

Experienced Team
Over 20-years’ average experience. Worked on all major ISAs including x86, Arm, Power, MIPS, and SPARC.
Proven Track Record

Delivered world’s first 64-bit high-performance Armv8 processor.

RISC-V Leadership

Established significant first mover advantage and beachhead in high-performance RISC-V.

Heading key technical committees within RISC-V International.


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